About Metro Lacrosse.....

The Houston Metropolitan Lacrosse Club was founded in the summer of 1989, and immediately began preparing for competition in the Southwest Lacrosse Association (SWLA). By 1995, Metro began to discover its true role in the sport of men's club lacrosse.

In the summer of 1995, the Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association (GCLA) was formed, with Metro and the New Orleans Lacrosse Club as its founding members. This move would not only alter the course of Metro's history, but it would also have a profound impact on men's lacrosse throughout the multi-state region.

Metro competes in the GCLA as an At-Large member, and annually hosts its own postseason tournament, the Gulf Coast Invitational Tournament (GCIT).

Metro attempts to maintain a balance between being competitive and being a fun team in which to belong. In addition, Metro has been instrumental in forming many new club teams, both inside Houston and outside of it. The team not only competes against several local teams, but also counts as its rivals teams from other places as well, such as Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and other places.

We at Metro like to think that we are trying to do our part for the sport of lacrosse. We hope we have had a positive impact- both on the sport and on our members.